MoveMatcherS started in 2006 as a joint-venture of 3D-tracking artists who considered each other rather as colleagues than competitors.
Its basic principle was - and still is - an unrestricted exchange of individual experiences which powers a collective know-how to the profit of the artists and the clients.
Founded by Tim Mendler in the Montpellier area in South-France, MoveMatcherS has become an internationally operating company of various artists dedicated to what Tim Dobbert calls "the invisible art of camera tracking".
MoveMatcherS actual key members are:

Tim Mendler Tim Mendler
matchmove lead /
VFX- and VR-supervisor
[ founder of MoveMatcherS ]

Before focussing on postproduction, Tim worked over 10 years in the VFX industry, mainly on-set as motion control operator and VFX supervisor.
His experiences include large format (65/70mm), stereoscopic-3D and in-camera VFX. Since 2006, Tim operates as matchmove senior / lead and stereographer for music videos, commercials and feature film. [more+]

Stephane Richez Stéphane Richez
senior matchmove artist /
on-set supervisor

After a Master's Degree of Broadcast Engeneering in Valenciennes, Stéphan specialized in matchmoving since 1999. With over 15 years of experience in CG and post-production, he worked for all the major Paris' VFX-companies as matchmove- and layout lead artist and onset supervisor. [more+]

Guillaume Floret Guillaume Floret
modeling / shading artist

After animation studies at ESMA in Montpellier, Guillaume started his career at nWave Digital in Brussels in 2005 where he worked on serval animated features and rides as modeling and shading artist before joining MoveMatcherS in 2012. [more+]

Les 3 Fantastiques Rosa Debals-Gonthier
Andréa Hervet
Adrien Delecroix
matchmove artists
Andréa, Rosa and Adrien (aka "Les 3 Fantastiques") specialized in 3D-tracking in their 4th year of computer graphics' studies at Objectif-3D in Montpellier. Joining MoveMatcherS in summer 2015, they complete the core team as permanent members.

Maëlle Le Coadic Maëlle Le Coadic
As the team is growing and projects are getting bigger, Maëlle joined MoveMatcherS as production coordinator in 2016.
She has a solid on-set back-ground as grip and 1st AD and combines over 15 years of shooting experience, artistic- and organisation skills.

Johann Valette

Johann Valette
production assistant


Founder of "Les Rendez-Vous FOCUS", a network of audio-visual professionels in the Montpellier area, Johann joined MoveMatcherS in 2008. He is member of the advisery board.

Guillaume Thimus Guillaume Thimus
senior lighting TD
Guillaume was one of the first to join MoveMatcherS in 2007. He left the Montpellier area in 2010 and now is a senior lighting TD abroad.
He remains a honorary board member of MoveMatcherS ever since.



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