Our primary concern is the seamless integration of CG elements into live action imagery.
Therefore, our activities are not restricted to 3D tracking / matchmoving only.

Our services include:

- 2D- / 3D- and S3D-tracking [mono+stereoscopic matchmoving]
- 3D and S3D previz and layout
- 360° High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI) for Image Based Lighting (IBL)
- we do Photogrammetry Scans and Image Based Modeling (IBM)
- and of course, we offer VFX- and stereoscopic on-set and post-supervision


In addition, since they are techniques based on 3D-tracking, our services also include
- video based motion capture and videogrammetry, as well as rotoanimation
- but also stereoscopic finishing (stereo-corrections and depth-grading)
- S3D60 cinematography [stereoscopic-VR]
- and even mastering DCPs [2D / 3D + HFR]


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