Since 2006, MoveMatcherS are dedicated to 3D-tracking / matchmoving and the combination of CGI and live action imagery as a full service provider:

- We have developed a propriarity workflow which significantly reduces the use of visible tracking-markers in frame and therefore an intervention on-set, while at the same time speeding up the post-production process.

- We join the experiences of skilled artist with various professional backgrounds such as VFX, CGI, as well as cinematography and steroscopic-3D, in order to solve advanced matchmoving issues, like non-linear lens distortion or non-rigid body tracking.

- We have permanent access to a 2k stereoscopic screening-room for control-screenings at any time in production.

- We combine as much shooting- as post-production experiences and are therefore aware of the concerns of both.
We advise to involve a tracking-supervisor already in pre-production. He or she will then do the on-set supervision and be the client's contact throughout the entire production.

- Also, as a network, we offer great flexibility and fast reactivity to what has become a "non-linear" production process:
doing a lot of our work remotely, we can rapidly increase the number of artists working together on the same project, i.ex. on a particular tight schedule.
This is without additional paperwork for the client, as there will be only one global invoice, no matter how many artists have been involved.

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